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          Directions to Recycling Drop-Off Programs
          Household Hazardous Waste Program
          Paint Drop-Off Program
          Paper Shredding 2017 Events
          Recycling Guide
          Reuse-It Book
          Spotswood Public Schools Kindergarden Registration Form
Police Department
Office of Emergency Management
          Extreme Heat Illness and Prevention
Extreme Heat Illness and Prevention
          Hidden Health Hazards Brochure DR-4086
          Resident Storm Letter
    Police Department
          Resident On Vacation House Watch
          Crime Prevention Tips
          Home Alone Program
          Neighborhood Watch Program
          Quality Survey Form
          Residential Alarm-Emergency Contact Registration
Animal Control
    Animal Control
          Cat License Form (Apply)
          Dog License Form (Apply)
Borough Clerk
          2017 Primary Election Sample Ballot
          Kaplan Settlement Agreement
          Application for Marriage License
          Application for Peddler's/Vendors License
          Application for Vote By Mail Ballot
          Box Tops for Education
          Citizen Leadership Form
          Government Records Request Form
          NJ Voter Registration Application
Building Dept.
          Fire Inspection Checklist
          Inspection Application
          Residential Smoke Detector, Carbon Monoxide Compliance Application
          Vacant Property Information
          Call Before You Dig
          Chimney Certification
          Code Enforcement Information
          Complaint Form
          Construction Permit Application
          Directions to the Building Department
          Fence Permit
          Framing Checklist
          General Requirements
          Notification of Construction/Demolition Activities
          Sign Permit
          Technical Section-Building Subcode
          Technical Section-Electrical Subcode
          Technical Section-Fire Subcode
          Technical Section-Plumbing Subcode
          When Are Permits Necessary?
          Zoning Permit Application
          2016 Annual Audit
          2017 Annual Financial Statement
          Annual Debt Statement 2016
          Annual Financial Statement 2016
          2015 Annual Debt Statement
          2015 Annual Financial Statement
          Annual Financial Statement 2014
          Annual Debt Statement 2014
          Annual Financial Report 2013
          2015 Annual Audit
          2014 Annual Audit
          Helmetta Audit Synopsis-2013
          Helmetta Audit Synopsis 2013A
          Helmetta 2012 Audit Part 1
          Helmetta 2012 Audit Part 2
          2011 Annual Audit
          2010 Annual Audit
          2014 LOSAP Report
          Notice of Sale for the Borough's rollover note 2015
          2017 Adopted Municipal Budget
          2017 Adopted User Friendly Budget
          2017 Budget Amendment
          2017 Introduced Municipal Budget
          2017 Introduced User Friendly Budget
          2016 Municipal Budget
          2016 Introduced Budget
          2015 Municipal Budget
          2014 Municipal Budget
          2013 Municipal Budget
          2012 Municipal Budget
          2011 Municipal Budget
          2010 Municipal Budget
          2009 Municipal Budget
Planning Board
    Planning Board
          Planning Board Application
          Community Center Rental Agreement
          Community Center Rental Sample Insurance
          Spotswood 2017-2018 school calendar
Water & Sewer
    Water and Sewer Department
          Water Quality Report 2015

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